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The Green Credit Program (GCP) is a pioneering market-based process under which the Individuals, NGOs, Communities & Business entities could be provided incentives for their voluntary activities for environmental conservation & sustainable development. The Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education (ICFRE) is the designated nodal agency to implement, operate, manage & monitor the Green Credit Program. The Green Credit Program’s main focus in the initial stage is water conservation & afforestation.

As per the Green Credit Rules, 2023, the Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education (ICFRE) will issue methodologies for awarding green credits to applicants. These methodologies are expected to sent the minimum performance standards for each activity or process for their impact on the environment. A portal is to be launched for registration, verification & issuance of green credits to the applicants. Through this portal, the applicant can register after submitting required documents, the administrator of the portal will verify the activity through a designated agency, after which the green credits can be issued to the applicant.  

An applicant may get green credits by performing following activities to protect, preserve, or conserve the environment.

Tree plantation— The applicant can claim Green Credits by performing activities resulting in the increase in the forest/ green cover in any part of the country

Water management— He/she may get Green Credits for promoting water conservation, rain-water harvesting & using water efficiently or saving water, including usage of treated water and reuse of wastewater

 Sustainable agriculture— The applicant may perform activities to promote natural and regenerative agricultural practices & land restoration to improve crop productivity, soil health and nutritional value of food grain, vegetables & fruits.

Waste management— The Green Credits may be obtained by promoting circularity, sustainable and improved procedures for Plastic, Electronics, Battery & hazardous waste management, including collection, segregation, recycling, co-processing etc.

Air pollution reduction— The Green credits may be claimed by promoting measures which may result in the reduction of air pollution along with water & noise pollution.

Mangrove conservation and restoration— The applicant could get Green Credits by creating awareness & actions to conservation and restore mangroves

Ecomark label development—to encourage manufacturers to obtain ecomark label for their goods and


Sustainable building & Infrastructure— The Green Credits cold be claimed by encouraging the construction of sustainable buildings and other infrastructure using environment friendly technologies and materials.

India's Green Credit Programme and carbon credit initiative focus on Sustainable Agriculture-based Green Credit, aiming to encourage natural and regenerative agricultural practices and land restoration. The goal is to enhance productivity, soil health, and the nutritional value of the food produced.

  • Forest & Ecosystem Credits.
  • Air Quality Credits.
  • Water Quality and Access Credits.
  • Waste Management Credits.
  • Energy Efficiency Credits.
  • Renewable Energy Generation Credits, among others. 

Green Credit Program


Green Credit Program for incentivise Eco-Friendly Actions

To advance the 'LiFE' - 'Lifestyle for Environment' initiative, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change launched the Green Credit Program (GCP) in October 2023. This national endeavour aims to tackle climate change, promote sustainability, and encourage eco-conscious practices.

The 'LiFE' initiative, introduced by the Government of India, is a grassroots, widespread movement focusing on the protection and conservation of the environment. It seeks to achieve environmental and climate benefits by fostering actions that promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle based on traditions and values of conservation and moderation. This initiative also aims for sustainable and environmentally friendly development.

Green Credit Program operates independently of the carbon credit system established by the Carbon Credit Trading Scheme, 2023, under the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 (52 of 2001). While an environmental activity generating green credit may have climate co-benefits, such as carbon emissions reduction or removal, the Green Credit Program allows for the recognition of such activities separately, emphasizing the potential dual benefits of generating both green and carbon credits from the same activity.

What are the Objectives of the Green Credit Programe

  • The eco-friendly credit initiative aims to encourage environmentally beneficial behaviours using a market-driven approach, resulting in the creation of tradable green credits. These credits can be traded on a local market platform. 
  • The acquisition of green credits is contingent upon individuals undertaking eco-friendly activities outlined in sub-rule (2) of rule 4. 
  • The program seeks to motivate industries, companies, and other entities to fulfil their current legal obligations and obligations under prevailing laws. 
  • Furthermore, it encourages individuals and entities to voluntarily engage in environmentally beneficial actions specified in rule 4 by either generating or purchasing green credits.


What is the Aim of Implementing the Green Credit Programe

Here are some main features of the Green Credit Program that have been discussed below:

  • Green credit programs often aim to contribute to efforts in mitigating climate change. By providing financial support to projects and activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or enhance carbon sequestration, these programs align with broader climate action goals.
  • The program may seek to fund initiatives that contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment. This could include projects related to biodiversity conservation, habitat restoration, and sustainable land use practices.
  • Green credit initiatives are designed to incentivize and support businesses and individuals in adopting sustainable practices. This may involve investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management, and other eco-friendly technologies.
  • Many green credit programs aim to involve communities and individuals at the grassroots level. By promoting awareness and encouraging active participation in environmental conservation, these programs can have a broad and more lasting impact.
  • Supporting green projects through credit programs can contribute to the creation of jobs in the green and sustainable sectors. This can help stimulate economic growth while promoting environmentally friendly practices.
  • Green credit programs are often aligned with a country's broader sustainability goals. By providing financial support and incentives, governments aim to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly economy.


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