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Tyre EPR Certificate | Registration | Compliance | NOC

Meaning of EPR Tyre Waste Management

The EPR is the obligation placed on tire manufacturers to ensure environmentally sound management of waste tires in order to safeguard the environment and public health from any harmful effects that the waste tires may have. By doing this, Producers, Importers, Brand Owners of the Product, and Tyre Waste processors get many benefits, including pollution prevention. 

Tyre EPR Waste Management Authorization 

The Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Amendment Rules, 2022, which took effect on July 21, 2022, through Schedule 9, have been amended to reflect the recent changes made by the Ministery of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change (MoEF), specifically the “Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) for the Waste Tyre” that were inserted through the Amendment Rules through the provision set forth for the utilization and management of Tyre waste. 

Tyre EPR Certificate Registration

Application of the Amendment in Hazardous and Other Waste (Management and Transboundary Movement):

  • Registration of the Entity: In accordance with rule 3 of the amendment rules, entities involved in the utilization and management of waste tires must register with the Central Pollution and Control Pollution Board (CPCB) prior to beginning operations. 
  • The EPR obligations have been imposed through amendment rules through the bifurcation to the entity registered at the CPCB portal, according to the EPR process’s operational modes. 

Documentation Required by Entities to Obtain EPR Certificate

The Documentation Required by Entities to Obtain (EPR) Registration/Authorization/Certification;

  • Certificate of Incorporation for the Company.
  • Details regarding the owner, proprietor, or sole proprietor.
  • Country of Origin. 
  • The DGFT’s IEC Code 
  • PAN and GST certification number.
  • Company letterhead declaration.
  • Waste tyre Quantity
  • Statement of Compliance with the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS).
  • Self-attestation by the Dismantlers and Recyclers. 
  • Letter of understanding (LOI) with recyclers, dismantlers, storage facilities, and disposal (TSDFs), among others.  
  • List of manufacturers connected to recyclers or destructors, along with the manufacturer’s planned collections. 

Benefits of  Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Tyre

  • The main functionality of Tyre EPR is being dealt with by the producers, importers, brand owners (PIBOs) of the product and Tyre Waste Processor (PWPs), to reduce the waste tyre from the environment, doing so they get a lot of benefits including the environment protection. 
  • The PIBOs get focuses on the production and importing of only such products through which recycling becomes easy once they get registered through the EPR portal, which ultimately reduces the demand for manufacturing new Tyre and the reuse of the existing non-use ab le Tyre gets increased. Through the following of these processes, the cheaper compliance and ease of reusing the product becomes effective. 
  • Through the Tyre EPR Compliance, the reusing of Tyre products, and saving the environment through the reduction in the production of new Tyres.
  • The energy requirement in recycling and reusing Tyre products are very low and water resources are saved through the same. 
  • The EPR Tyre Waste mechanism reduces the municipal bodies overloading and through the right mechanism, they also get a lot of benefits. 
  • Even the government supports to a great extent if the EPR mechanism is being followed effectively, the stakeholder or entities feel the incentive for carrying the EPR effectively.
  • Even the end user becomes aware of the use of waste tyres and reusing mechanisms through the prescribed process leads them to benefit to a great extent. 

How Metacorp will Help You in Getting Tyre EPR Certification & Compliance?

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