How to get FSSAI License for food business?


The significance of safety and quality standards in the ever-changing food business cannot be overstated. Whether you are managing a busy restaurant, a small café, or a food manufacturing facility, following regulations is not just advised but also required. Getting a license registration from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is one of these important requirements in India. Let's examine what this license comprises and the reasons it is essential to the prosperity and long-term viability of your food business.

What is FSSAI?

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is known by its acronym, FSSAI. It is the highest regulatory agency that the Indian government has designated to guarantee the security and caliber of food items. The Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI) is in charge of regulating and supervising the food industry's production, processing, packaging, distribution, storage, and selling processes. All food enterprises operating in India, regardless of size or type, must obtain an FSSAI license registration. By guaranteeing that food items fulfill specified safety and quality criteria, compliance with FSSAI regulations protects public health and fosters consumer confidence in the food supply chain.

Why is it necessary to get an FSSAI License?

Legal Compliance: It is not only foolish but also unlawful to run a food business without an FSSAI license. All food businesses must obtain the required license, regardless of their size or type, according to the FSSAI Act. Serious consequences, such as substantial fines, the closing of the business, or even incarceration, may result from noncompliance. Thus, the first step to legal compliance and avoiding legal entanglements is to obtain an FSSAI license.

Assuring Food Safety: The FSSAI's main goal is to protect the public's health by guaranteeing the safety and caliber of food products. Food enterprises which get the FSSAI license pledge to uphold hygienic practices, use premium products, and follow the correct protocols for handling and processing food. This reduces the possibility of foodborne illnesses and raises customer confidence in your goods.

Developing Customer Trust: Showing off your FSSAI license at your business is a potent indication of your dedication to high-quality and safe food. Customers get confidence from knowing that the food they eat satisfies safety regulations and is safe to eat. Having an FSSAI license can make a big difference in today's market, as customers are more aware of the provenance and quality of their food. It can also build loyalty and trust among your clientele.

Opening Up Expansion Prospects: Obtaining an FSSAI license allows your food business to take advantage of several expansion opportunities. In order to work with several retail chains, supermarkets, and online platforms, suppliers must have a current FSSAI registration. Furthermore, holding an FSSAI license is frequently required in order to participate in government bids, enter export markets, and access other incentives and schemes. Thus, getting this license opens doors for growth and diversification in addition to guaranteeing compliance.

Reducing Legal Risks: Your company may face legal repercussions, such as litigation, penalties, and harm to its brand, if food safety laws are broken. You can reduce these risks and ensure the long-term sustainability of your food business by obtaining the FSSAI license and following the guidelines. It also shows that you are dedicated to moral corporate conduct and conscientious public health and safety stewardship.

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Types of FSSAI License

Various license categories are available from FSSAI, depending on the size and type of food business:

Basic Registration: Fits small-scale food enterprises with yearly sales up to ₹12 lakhs. This covers independent food enterprises, tiny restaurants, and street food vendors.

State License: Required for mid-sized food companies with an annual revenue between ₹12 lakhs and ₹20 crores that operate in a single state. Manufacturers, merchants, distributors, and other state-level businesses are included in this category.

Central License: A central license is necessary for large-scale food companies that conduct import-export operations or operate in several states. This covers producers, importers, exporters, and managers of food storage facilities, among others.

How Do I obtain FSSAI License Registration?

To acquire an FSSAI license, one must take the following actions:

Submission of The Application: Fill out the application and send it in to the relevant FSSAI office in person or online, together with the necessary paperwork.

Documentation: Make sure you have all the required paperwork, such as identification documents, proof of address, evidence of ownership of the property, food safety management plans, NOCs from local government agencies, etc., in accordance with the regulations.

Inspection: To confirm adherence to safety regulations, FSSAI representatives may inspect your location after obtaining your application.

License Issuance: The FSSAI will issue a license with a distinct registration or license number after a successful verification process. This license must be conspicuously displayed on the business premises.

Renewal: To guarantee continuous compliance, FSSAI licenses must be renewed beyond their usual one to five-year expiration date.


To sum up, getting an FSSAI license registration is a strategic necessity for any food business doing business in India, not merely a legal requirement. It displays your dedication to food safety, quality, and customer welfare and opens up a world of expansion possibilities. In addition to protecting your company from legal concerns, putting a high priority on regulatory compliance and investing in food safety measures also helps to create a safer and healthier food ecosystem that benefits all parties involved. If you haven't already, it's time to start the process of registering for an FSSAI license and realize the full potential of your food business. Services for registering FSSAI licenses are simplified by Metacorp. With our professional advice, you can easily ensure compliance. You can rely on us for easy and seamless registration procedures.


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