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There are nine broad categories under which SCOMET Items are divided. These are as following:

Category 0: Materials relating to nuclear energy, equipment, and technology

Category 1: Chemical agents that are toxic and other substances

Category 2: Microorganisms that are toxic

Category 3: Materials, Equipment for Processing Materials, and Associated Technologies Category 4: Other nuclear-related technologies and equipment not covered by Category 0 Category 5: Aircraft systems, apparatus, including test and production equipment, associated technology, and specifically made parts and add-ons

Category 6: Munitions list 

 Category 7: Reserved

 Category 8: Unique Materials and Associated Devices, Materials Handling, Computers, Electronics, Telecommunication, Information Security, Lasers and Sensors, Navigation and Avionics, Marine, Aerospace, and Propulsion.

Further clarification has been provided regarding the contents of the SCOMET list. These include noncontrolled items that contain one or more controlled components where the controlled component(s) is the primary element, used items that fall under the list, and technology needed for the development, production, or use of items controlled under Category 8 of the SCOMET items

Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies (SCOMET) regulations in India need registration. To register, you must normally complete a checklist that is provided by the appropriate government entity, which is usually the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). This is a broad inventory that might be useful:

  1. Application Form- Get the correct SCOMET registration application form from the DGFT office or website.
  2. Documentation:- The ensuing paperwork is necessary for registration.
  1. IEC
  2. UID and PAN of Authorized Person
  3. PO
  4. End user certificate
  5. Channelization of Product Movement
  6. Last 3 years turnover
  1. SCOMET Category - Find out which particular SCOMET category your technologies or products come into. Make sure the things you sell adhere to the rules.
  2. End Use Statement-Give a detailed end-use statement outlining the export items' intended use and destination.
  3. Export Control Classification Number- Get the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) if it applies to your products. This facilitates determining the degree of control necessary for export.
  4. Technical Information- Give particular technical information about the goods you plan to export.
  5. Compliance Requirement- Declare that you are in conformity with all applicable export control laws and SCOMET requirements in your compliance statement.
  6. Registration Fees: As stipulated by the DGFT, pay the relevant registration fees.
  7. Submission: Send the filled-out application form to the DGFT office together with the necessary paperwork.
  8. Review and Approval: Watch for the DGFT authorities' review procedure. After reviewing your application, they could ask for more details if necessary.
  9. Registration Certificate: The DGFT will issue you a registration certificate if your application is approved, enabling you to export SCOMET articles.

To prevent any legal problems pertaining to export control, it is imperative to make sure that all SCOMET rules are fully complied with and that the DGFT instructions are rigorously followed. Furthermore, since rules might change over time, it's a good idea to see what the most recent needs and updates from the appropriate authorities are.


The Import, Export & SCOMET Policy in the Regulatory Updates part of the DGFT website at http://dgft.gov.in/CP/ has the list of "SCOMET" products.

Penalties under the FTDR Act will apply if any of the SCOMET articles are exported without the required license.

For each application for the issuing of the authorization, an electronic registration cost of INR 1,000 must be paid using the online system.

The valdity of the SCOMET items is 24 months, after which it is to be renewed. 

DGFT - SCOMET License - Introduction

The words Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies are abbreviated as SCOMET. This list includes products that are regarded as dual-use, such as technology, chemicals, living things, and other items that have the potential to be used for both military and civilian purposes and that could be used as weapons of mass destruction. (WMDs).

SCOMET is the acronym for "Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies." It alludes to a list of goods that the Indian government has restricted for export. Products including dual-use items, delicate technologies, biological agents, chemicals, and specialized equipment are all included in the SCOMET list. These laws aim to protect national security by limiting the spread of technologies and sensitive materials and by preventing their improper use.

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