Fertilizer Manufacturing & Trading License

Fertilizer Manufacturing & Trading License

Fertilizer Manufacturing & Trading License

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1. Application Form-D in duplicate.
2. Company details such as MOA/AOA, Board Declaration of Authorized Person.
3. Aadhar Card of Authorized Person 
4. List of present Directors in case of Limited or Pvt. Limited company.
5. Proof of ownership of premises/rent agreement
6. Site Plan 
7. Details of laboratory and other equipments. 
9. Qualification proof of laboratory Chemist 

The documents required for storage & Sale of fertilizers are as following:

  1. Form “O” Sourcing Certificate from the manufacturer
  2. Affidavit for Undertaking of un-employment
  3. Site Plan
  4. Proof of premises/rent agreement
  5. Bachelor Degree certificate in Agricultural Sciences
  6. Aadhar Card of Applicant
  7. 3 Photographs of Applicant
  8. Bank Balance certificate for bank balance of Rs.5 Lakh
  9. Police Clearance certificate
  10. Receipt of Rs.5,000 as Government fee

The applicant must apply online on the portal of the Department of Agriculture. Then the applicant's application is auto-forwarded to the Joint Director for a Wholesale License and to the Chief Agricultural Officer for a Retail License and scrutinization is performed along with a site inspection. If no disparity is found after the site inspection, then the License is issued. If any variation is found, the application is again reverted to the applicant for required changes and to be submitted again.

For the wholesale license, the government fee is Rs.5,000 and Rs.500 for a retail license. If an agency is hired for this purpose, it may charge you accordingly.  

Here's the process to get bio-fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer and Vermicomposting, chemical pesticides, Bio-Pesticide or Microbial Pest Control Agents, Insecticide/Fungicide/Herbicide, Botanical/ Plant origin Pesticides, Bio-stimulants, Plant Growth Promoters & hormones manufacturing certificate and license.

The Business entity planning to establish a fertilizer manufacturing facility is first required to apply for and get the Consent to Establish (CTE) Certificate from the State Pollution Control Board. The activity of manufacturing fertilizers is categorized as Red or Orange, as per the State Pollution Control Board Guidelines.The manufacturing of Bio-fertilizers is considered a white category activity but to be performed in an industrial area only. After the State Pollution Control Board Certificate is issued, we need to apply to State Agriculture Directorate to get the Certificate to Manufacture/Sell/Export Fertilizers.

Here' the complete information on How to get Fertilizer, Bio-Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer and vermicomposting, chemical pesticides, Bio-Pesticide or Microbial Pest Control Agents, get Insecticides /Fungicide/Herbicide, Botanical/ Plant origin Pesticides, Plant Growth Promoters & hormones wholesale & dealer license.

If you want to start an agricultural business then obtaining the dealer and wholesale license for fertilizers is a pivotal step for you. You must follow particular rules and restrictions established by your local agricultural authority if you want to obtain this license.  This process frequently involves careful study of both local and federal regulations. A professional company must be built, a thorough business strategy must be written, and your storage facilities must fulfill all applicable safety and environmental standards. You are also required to certificate and training for ensuring safety and fertilizer handling.

After following this process, you can easily submit your application by paying your application fees and waiting for approval. Maintaining compliance with all norms, including documentation as well as security safety measures, is important. You should also maintain your license as necessary. To establish a successful business, it is important that build a strong and trusted bond with your customers and suppliers. You can start your business with confidence, work within the law's restrictions, and effectively offer the agriculture industry by carefully following this process.

The duration for obtaining a license can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the complexity of the application process. It may take several weeks to months to complete the application, undergo inspections, and receive the final approval. It's advisable to start Online Application for Fertilizer Licence well in advance to account for any potential delays.

Trading fertilizers without a valid license is generally illegal in most jurisdictions. Engaging in such activities can lead to legal consequences, including fines, penalties, and potential closure of your business. It's crucial to comply with the applicable regulations and obtain the necessary licenses before conducting any fertilizer trading operations.


A Fertilizer Manufacturing & Trading License is a legal authorization granted by the appropriate regulatory authority to individuals or companies involved in the manufacturing and trading of fertilizers. It allows them to produce, distribute, and sell fertilizers within a specific jurisdiction. The license is typically issued by the government or a relevant regulatory agency responsible for overseeing the fertilizer industry. The specific requirements and procedures for obtaining the license may vary depending on the country or region where the application is made.

Fertilizer (Control) Order, 1985 which is administered by Deptt. of Agriculture Cooperation, Govt. of India has been issued under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955. The FCO lays, down what substances qualify for use as fertilizers in the soil, product-wise specifications, methods for sampling and analysis of fertilizers, the procedure for obtaining online fertilizer license or Online Fertilizer registration as manufacturer/dealer in fertilizers and conditions to be fulfilled for trading thereof, etc.

Documents required for Fertilizer Manufacturing & Trading Registration

1. Permanent account number (PAN)

2. Permanent Resident Certificate

3. Qualification Certificate Form ‘O’ (Source Certificate) from the principals.

4. Site Plan with Map (Premises Verification)

5. Bank balance (Rs. 50,000/-)

6. Advertisement / Paper cutting

7. Treasury fee ( Rs. 1250/- (for Retail) / Rs. 2250/-)

Procedure for Obtaining a Fertilizer Trading & Manufacturing License | Certificate 

1. Preparation of all the documents.

2. Submission of all the documents to the concerned office.

3. Payment of the Requisite fee.

Benefits of Fertilizer Manufacturing & Trading NOC 

  1. Expansion of Business: Dealing with Fertilizers is a very tedious task and buyers only purchase from dealers who have some credibility so if any entity dealing in fertilizers has this license can expand easily as there will be no trust or quality issue.
  2. Competitive Advantage: Obtaining this Fertilizer Manufacturing & Trading License provides an edge to the dealers against those rivals who are not aware of this registration or may have not obtained it so, at a very early stage, registered dealers can outplay them.
  3. Agricultural Productivity: Fertilizers are essential for increasing crop yields and improving agricultural productivity. By manufacturing and trading fertilizers, you contribute to the availability of these crucial inputs, which can enhance the growth, health, and quality of crops.
  4. Food Security: Fertilizer manufacturing and Fertilizer trading License help ensure a stable food supply by supporting farmers in maximizing their agricultural output. Increased availability of fertilizers can lead to higher crop yields, reducing the risk of food shortages and enhancing food security.
  5. Technology Transfer: Engaging in fertilizer manufacturing can involve the adoption of advanced production technologies and techniques. This can lead to knowledge transfer and technological advancements in the local agricultural sector, online Fertilizer shop, benefiting both farmers and the broader community.

Who can apply for Fertilizer Manufacturing & Trading Consent | License?

  • Companies: Typically, registered companies or corporations are eligible to apply for fertilizer manufacturing and trading consent. The company may need to fulfil certain legal and financial requirements, such as having a specific amount of capital, adhering to environmental regulations, and obtaining necessary permits.
  • Entrepreneurs or Individuals: In some cases, individuals or entrepreneurs may also be allowed to apply for fertilizer manufacturing & trading license consent. However, they may need to demonstrate relevant expertise or experience in the field and meet specific criteria set by the regulatory authorities.
  • Agricultural cooperatives: Agricultural cooperatives, which are organizations formed by farmers to collectively undertake agricultural activities, may also be eligible to apply for fertilizer manufacturing and trading consent. The requirements and regulations for cooperatives may vary depending on the country.
  • Research institutions or universities: In certain cases, research institutions or universities may be allowed to apply for fertilizer manufacturing & trading license Compliance if their activities are directly related to the research, development, and testing of fertilizers.
  • Existing fertilizer manufacturers: If there are already established fertilizer manufacturers, they may be eligible to apply for a license to expand their manufacturing or trading operations. we helps you for provide the Fertilizer Manufacturing license at reasonable rates.

Objectives of Fertilizer Manufacturing & Trading Certification

  • Fertilizer Manufacturing licenses aim to protect consumers by ensuring that the fertilizers they purchase are safe, effective, and accurately labelled.
  • One of the primary objectives is to ensure that fertilizers produced and distributed within the jurisdiction meet specified quality standards. The license sets requirements for the composition, nutrient content, and quality control measures to maintain consistent and reliable fertilizers.
  • It aims to protect consumers by ensuring that the fertilizers they purchase are safe, effective, and accurately labelled. The license establishes regulations on labelling requirements, which include providing information about the product's contents, usage instructions, and potential hazards.
  • To ensure compliance with regulations and standards. It establishes a framework for inspections, audits, and enforcement activities to monitor and enforce.
  • To promote professionalism and accountability within the fertilizer industry. The Fertilizer Manufacturing licensing process typically involves evaluating the qualifications, competence, and practices of fertilizer producers and distributors. This helps ensure that only reputable and qualified entities operate in the industry.

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