How to get Delhi Pollution Committee (DPCC) consent certificate-NOC in Delhi?

How to get Delhi Pollution Committee (DPCC) consent certificate-NOC in Delhi?

What is DPCC Consent Certificate/NOC

DPCC is a nomenclature for Delhi Pollution Control Committee, DPCC was constituted in March 1991 by Central government, from that day, in relation to the UT of Delhi, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has assigned all of its powers and responsibilities as a State Board. The DPCC (Delhi Pollution Control Committee) is a body that ensures that industries/businesses operating within the territory of Delhi must follow and operate as per the norms of the pollution guidelines and regulations.  Any business entity interested in establishing or operating a manufacturing unit, hotel, restaurant, slaughter house or any trading activity pertaining to generation of any kind of emission/effluent within the jurisdiction of Delhi are mandated to take prior permission from the pollution control committee. DPCC certificate/No objection Certificate is a phrase used for certificates issued by Delhi pollution department but in technical terms the certificate names are Consent to Establish (CTE), Consent to Operate (CTO), Hazardous waste Authorization, Bio-Medical Waste Authorization, Plastic Waste Authorization, Battery waste Authorization, E-waste Authorization and etc.


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Consent Policy of Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC)

Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981

  1. According to Section 21 of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, no individual shall create or operate any industrial plant in an air pollution control area without the prior consent of the Committee
  2. An application for DPCC consent under sub-section (1) must be followed by such fees as may be prescribed, be made in the prescribed form, and include the details of the industrial plant as well as any other information as may be required.
  3. The DPCC committee shall follow the procedure it may prescribe when making an inquiry as it deems fit for an application for consent under sub-section (1).
  4. The Committee shall, by order in writing and on reasons to be recorded in the order, grant consent requested in accordance with the conditions and for a time period that may be specified in that order or refuse the consent, within the period of four months after the receipt of the application for consent referred to in sub section (1)

Water (Prevention & Control of pollution) Act, 1974.

  1. No person shall establish or implement any steps for establishment or extension of, or an extension or addition to, an industry, or operation, or process or any treatment, disposal, or any other processes that are likely to discharge sewage or commercial effluent into a river or well or a sewer, or in a land, without the prior consent of the DPCC.
  2. The request for the State Board's consent pursuant to sub-section (1) is made in this form, shall include such details and shall be supported by any fees which may be prescribed.
  3. In respect of the request for consent referred to in subsection (1), and in carrying out such inquiries, the DPCC may make such inquiries as it considers fit and follow such procedures as may be prescribed.
  4. The DPCC may grant its consent subject to some conditions as it may impose or refuse such consent for reasons to be recorded in writing.

Policy of DPCC for Grant of consent and Authorization

DPCC has, from time to time, framed policies and issued necessary Office orders to streamline the processing / elimination of Consent applications and authorization received under the Water Act 1974 & Air Act 1981 and under the Hazardous and Other Waste Authorisation (Management and Transboundary Movement).

  1. Consent to Establish/Operate under Air and Water Act
  1. The Delhi industry was classified into red/orange/green/white by list, which shows that 637 industries have been classified as uploaded to the DPCC website
  2. Industries classified as white are not required to obtain a consent in accordance with the Air & Water Act to establish/operate and to submit an online undertaking to DPCC and send the signed copy of the undertaking to DPCC within 30 days.
  3. Industries classified under Red, Orange and Green only have to request consent under the Air & Water Act to establish/operate. As requested by the project proponent, the period of consent to establish is between one and seven years. However the consent to Operate/Renewal is given for a period of 5 years in the Red/Orange Category and 10 years in the Green Category
  4. The following shall be decided on consent under Air and Water laws & authorisations/registration pursuant to the applicable Rules:
  • Category I cases by the concerned Sr. Env. Engineer / CelI In-charge
  • Category II(a) cases by the committee headed by Chairman DPCC.
  • Category II(b) cases by the committee headed by Member Secretary, DPCC
  1. Prohibited / Negative List of Industries included in "Annexure-7.0 (III)" of the Master Plan for Delhi-2021 are not permitted in the NCT of Delhi, and proposals for Consent/ Authorization Registration from such units will not be approved.

Confirming areas/Re-development areas of Delhi

Confirming Areas

The following locations in the Industrial Use Zone, as stated in the Land Use Plan, are permitted for industrial activity.

  • Naraina Indl. Area,
  •  Jhandewallan Flatted Factory,
  •  Motia Khan Scheme,
  • DCM Flatted Factory Complex,
  •  Shahzada Bagh Indl. Area,
  •  Gulabi Bagh Indl. Area,
  •  Rajasthan Udyog Nagar
  • G.T. Road near Jahangirpuri,
  • SMA Co-op. Indl. Estate
  • G.T. Road near Jahangirpuri,
  • SISI Indl. Area G.T. road near Jahangirpuri,
  • G.T. Karnal Road Indl. Area near Rana Pratap Bagh,
  • Hindustan Prefab Ltd., Indl. Area near Shivaji Rly Stn. (Minto Road),
  • Okhla Indl. Area Ph.I, II & III,
  • Mohan Co-op Indl. Area,
  • SISI Complex Okhla near Modi Flour Mills,
  • Najafgarh Road Indl. Area near Zakhira,
  • Kirti Nagar Indl. Area,
  • Mayapuri Ph. I & II,
  • Udyog Nagar Rohtak Road,
  • Keshav Pur Leather Tannery Scheme (part of Service Centre) near Vikaspuri,
  • Wazirpur Industrial Area,
  • Lawrence Road Indl. Area,
  • Mangolpuri Indl. Area Ph.I & II,
  • Jhilmil Indl. Area,
  • Patparganj Indl. Area,
  • Friends Colony Indl. Area,
  • Narela Indl. Estate,
  • Bawana Indl. Estate,
  • Khanjhawala Indl. Estate,
  • PVC Bazar Tikri Kalan

Re-development Areas

1. Anand Parbat 2. Shahdara 3. Samai Pur Badli4. Jawahar Nagar 5. Sultanpur Mazra 6. Hastsal Pocket - A 7. Naresh Park Extension. 8. Libaspur 9. Peeragarhi Village 10. Khyala 11. Hastsal Pocket - D 12. Shalamar Village 13. New Mandoli 14. Nawada 15. Rithala 16. Swarn Park Mundka 17. Haiderpur 18. Karawal Nagar 19. Dabri 20. Basai Darapur

What are the categories of industrial activity?

As per Delhi pollution Control Committee, industries are classified in four categories, all the categories have different mode of operating and capacity to generate trade effluent/emission, with the most polluting industries being classified as 'Red,' and the moderately polluting units being classified as 'Orange.' Industries with a low emission load have been classified as 'Green,' whereas those that run without polluting the environment have been classified as 'White.' Environmental clearance has been waived for the newly created "White" group of industries.

What are documents required for DPCC Certificate/NOC

  1. Pan card and UID of Authorized Person
  2. Pan card of unit (Except Proprietorship)
  3. Certificate of incorporation
  4. Rent Agreement or Property Paper
  5. Water Bill
  6. Electricity Bill
  7. Sewage Bill
  8. Project Report
  9. Letter of investment certified by CA
  10. MSME certificate
  11. GST
  12. Layout Plan
  13. MCD license (if any)

Procedure for online application for DPCC Consent Certificate/NOC

  • Create user id and password
  • File an application through user id and password
  • Payment of govt fee
  • Inspection will be conducted by DPCC
  • ATR preparation by DPCC
  • File sent for meeting
  • Approved in meeting
  • Download certificate from DPCCOCMMS Website

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