How to get MOEF permission for import of lead scrap?

MOEF NOC for import of lead scrap


The import of lead scrap into the Country means that a larger quantity of lead residues would remain in India, thus it is crucial before import of any such material to take permission from the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MOEFCC). The import of lead scrap in India is permitted only to the registered recyclers and that too only up to an extent of 1/3 of the recycling capacity of the particular unit.


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MOEF&CC grants permissions, also called as MOEF NOC, for the export and import of hazardous wastes. In India, MOEF&CC is the designated authority for issuing the license to the importer and exporter entities who want to start processing, recycling or reuse of lead scrap in the Country. The MOEF permission is granted only after the careful examination of the said goods, including the test reports from an accredited laboratory.


MOEF responsibility of imports of leads scrap
MOEF is responsible regarding the products and their packaging & labelling, they ensure quality of the item from the occupier end, and also handles the issues related to any accidental cases. The Ministry also connects with the buyers and sellers for the imports and exports post the completion of inspection procedure.

MOEF website & online portal for online application for import of lead scrap
The business entities planning to important lead scarp can refer to the official website of MOEF. The MOEF website provides detailed information regarding:
·       Wildlife laws
·       Forests policies followed by MOEF and the rules & regulations related to water pollution
·       Concerns related to the conversation of the environment and elimination of pollution etc.
Interested importers and exporters can check this MOEF portal for any updates and for their online application submission, tracking and annual compliance submission.

Import of Hazardous Waste

The businesses planning to import and transit for Trans boundary movement of hazardous wastes must complete all the formalities. Since, the environment and even human beings are affected by the hazardous wastes, so it must be disposed off in an organized manner. A proper hazardous waste management must be followed including collection, recycling, treatment, disposal and transportation of wastes.
The businesses need to get permission of MOEF and only after the getting the permission, the authority allows the imports of the lead scrap, in case all rules have been followed. All the recyclers & end users planning to import hazardous wastes like metal scrap used lead acid batteries, rubber, anode buds etc. are required to first get MOEF permission and then proceed for actual operations.

MOEF permission for import of lead scrap

The import of lead wastes and their processing to produce secondary lead appears to be a sustainable process. As mentioned earlier, MOEF permission is needed for the import of any hazardous waste the import could be carried out only if the desirable entity secures authorization from the MOEF. While importing hazardous waste into the country the business entity has to keep in mind that the motive should be recycling & reuse of the said item and not the disposal of the waste in India. 
The same procedure is followed in many other countries and they have put up in place a hazardous wastes management system that deals in the required field.  Authorities which are dealing with imports of activated carbon should follow the term and conditions of such hazardous waste. In India getting an environment clearance (EC), in some cases, is mandatory whenever there is an import or export of such hazardous waste.  

MOEF rules for import of lead scrap

·       The business entity need to have Consent to Operate (CTO)  & Hazardous Waste Management Authorization, from the concerned State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) 
·       The import of lead waste and scrap with EXIM code 7802 0010 is allowed without a DGFT license to registered recyclers.
·       Several items are restricted for an import license.
·       Second hand goods can be used in place of capitals goods.
·       The businesses have to fill in IEC details
·       Lead recyclers must have facilities as prescribed by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).
Some important points for MOEF application procedure:
     The import of rubber scrap is under the MOEF.
     The inspection will be done by the MOEF.
     For record purposes photography is allowed.
     The importers must have an approval letter from the office

How to get a MOEF certificate for import of Lead scrap?

Post following the Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) and inspection done by MOEF, the business entities can get the import or export NOC. In India, export and import trade gets a nod from the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change. The occupier intending to export or import any item listed in Part A scheduled III and Part B of schedule III have to submit an application in the form 5 to the MOEF along with the proof of insurance for movement of the hazardous waste .
Important rules for lead scrap
·       Lead cannot be created nor be destroyed, but only anthropogenic activities can change their forms.
·       Air pollution controls system need to be installed at the recycling facility.
·       A separate and covered storage should be available for hazardous wastes.
·       Disposal of hazardous wastes is allowed only to authorized recyclers.
Decision of MOEF for import lead scrap
The proposal for the import and export of restricted items is considered periodically by the EXIM Facilitation Committee of the Directorate General of foreign trade. The decisions to allow or restrict are taken under the guidance of the concerned Ministry in India. Post all the formalities, the exporters and importers are granted the permission.
 Instruction by MOEF for import of lead scrap
1-      It is mandatory for the importers and exporters of hazardous wastes to maintain records for inspection purposes.
2-      The importers must also make sure the current shipment is accompanied by a Form movement paper and they must follow the rules
3-      To get further queries resolved, the importer can get in touch with the Ministry during working hours.
4-      The applicants applying for the first time in the MOEF can get in touch with the expert committee for professional guidance.
5-      An online application in the MOEF must be submitted and the hard copy to be submitted within the mentioned time. Also, submit all the required documents along with the application to the MOEF through the post by the scheduled time

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