Insecticides Manufacturing & Trading License

Insecticides Manufacturing & Trading License

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Any individual or a business entity must get a license who are planning to manufacture Insecticides. The applicant must apply to the Licensing Authority, Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine and Storage. If multiple products are to be manufactured then separate applications are to be provided for each insecticide. Under section 9 of the Insecticides Act, of 1968, the Insecticides manufacturing license is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.  

Step 1. The applicant must apply online on the portal of the Central Insecticide Board and Registration Committee (CIB&RC). The applicant must first register on the portal by submitting initial details and the login id and password will be created for the user.

Step 2. The applicant must again login into the link sent to the applicant’s email id. The applicant is required to upload the remaining documents & Product details, after successful login and submit the online government fee in Form -1.

Step 3. The application goes for inspection and the document deficiency may be raised by the inspecting official.

Step 4. The applicant submits the required documents as per the documented deficiency raised and resubmits the application.

Step 5. After the documents are submitted the documents are again inspected and if no deficiency is found, then the certificate to manufacture insecticides is issued and mailed to the applicant on the registered email id.

1.    Applicant company details such as CIN, MOA, Board Authorization, Photo & ID proof of Authorized Person, list of directors
2.    CIB Registration certificates of all the insecticides to be manufactured
3.    Education qualification of the chemist
4.    Details of the laboratory, machines & Other equipment
5.    State Pollution Control Board Certificate
6.    MSME Certificate
7.    Appointment letter of Medical Officer
8.    Site Map & Location Map
9.    Proof of ownership of premises/rent agreement 

Any individual or business entity that is planning to import a pesticide must first register it with the Ministry of Agriculture. For importing a Pesticide, the application for registration is to be made to the Registration Committee under section 9 (1) of the Insecticides Act, 1968, read with Rule 6 of the Insecticide Rules, 1971. A separate application for each insecticide is to be made by the applicant. 


1. Certificate of Incorporation/GST Certificate

2. Board Resolution for Authorized Person

3. KYC details of Authorized Person

4. Ten copies of specification for product quality and methods of analysis for technical/ formulated compound (as applicable) and its residues

5. Analytical test reports of the product quality

6. Seven copies of the proposed labels and leaflets

The Insecticide Rules, 1971

Functions of The Central Insecticides Board (CIB)
  • It is mandatory for the Central Insecticides Board to advise the Central Government on the parameters of manufacturing insecticides under the Industries (Development and Regulation) Act, 195. 
  • It is the duty of the board to specify the usage of classification of insecticides on the toxicity and suitability for common sprays. 
  • It is advised by the board to follow tolerance limits for insecticides & residues and maintain the time gap between the use of insecticides and the harvesting of crops.  
  • It is to establish the long life of each insecticide.
Functions of the Registration Committee (RC)

1.    Precautions must be specified by the Registration Committee to avoid poisoning use & handling of insecticides.
2.    It is to perform other incidental or consequential functions required to efficiently complete its duties as per the Act. 

Functions of Laboratory

The chief function of the Laboratory is to analyze the samples of insecticides sent to it by any authorized channel and submit the certificates of analysis to the concerned authority
It is also tasked with the analysis of samples of materials for insecticide residues. 
The Laboratory must conduct investigations in order to determine the conditions of the registration of new insecticides
It is also to check the efficacy and toxicity of insecticides

The Insecticides Act, 1968

On 2nd September 1968, the Parliament of the Union of India passed the Insecticides Act, 1968 in order to regulate and monitor the manufacturing, sale, storage, import, transportation, distribution, and use of insecticides for protecting human beings and animals from the risks caused by the usage of insecticides. 

Insecticides are defined as any toxic substance used to kill, repel or control insects that cause economic damage to crops or ornamental plants or are hazardous to the health of domestic animals or man. The Ministry of Agriculture and Framers Welfare (formerly Ministry of Agriculture), a part of the Government of India, is the top body for the formulation and administration of the rules and regulations, and laws related to agriculture in India. 

The Insecticides Manufacturing & Trading NOC along with other licenses will be granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. Under this Law, the plant protection, quarantine, & storage division looks after the entire license regarding insecticide, pesticide, testing facility, and pest control. Other than granting licenses, the division works for the welfare of farmers by issuing from time to time new rules and amendments in the previous one. 

The Central Government was mandated to constitute a Central Insecticides Board, under the chairmanship of the Director General of Health Services, as per the provisions of the Insecticides Act, 1968. The Central Government is also directed to set up a Registration Committee consisting of a Chairman and five other members who are also members of the Central Insecticides Board (CIB). The chief function of the Registration Committee is to register insecticides after due inspection of their formulae and after proper verification of the claims of pesticide importers and manufacturers regarding their capability and safety to human beings and animals.

Importance of Insecticides Manufacturing & Trading Certification

  • For combating the problems related to the illegal manufacture, sale, distribution, and storage of pesticides, a law came into frame that is called the insecticide law. This law regulates the manufacture, sale, transport, distribution, and use of insecticides, with a view to preventing risk to human beings or animals from these insecticides. 
  • Any person who wishes to manufacture, sell, transport & distribute insecticides has to obtain an Insecticides Manufacturing & Trading Compliance under this law.

Registration of Insecticides Manufacturing & Trading License | Compliance

Any person who deals with any type of insecticide has to register that insecticide under the insecticide law by making an application. 

Licenses to Manufacture Insecticides

Any individual who wishes to manufacture the insecticides has to make an application for the grant or renewal of a license to manufacture any insecticide. 

License for sale, Stock, Distribute of Insecticides

Any person who wants to sell, stock and distribute insecticides has to make an application for the grant or renewal of a license to sell stock or exhibit for sale or distribute insecticides. 

Pest Control Operators 

Any individual who wishes to undertake or deal with pest control operations, with the use of Aluminium Phosphide, Methyl bromide. Ethylene or as notified has to make an application to the concerned department. 

Packing and Labelling 

No person shall stock or exhibit for sale or distribute any insecticide unless it is packed and labeled in accordance with the provisions of these rules. Every package containing the insecticides must be of a type approved by the Registration Committee. 

Documents Required to Apply for Insecticides Manufacturing & Trading Registration

  • Adhaar Card 
  • PAN card 
  • GST Certificate 
  • Product Name 
  • Electricity Bill 
  • Water Bill
  • Passport Size Photograph 
  • Manufacturing Facility Map 
  • Company Incorporation Certificate 
  • Storage Area Map 

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