One Person Company Registration

One Person Company Registration

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  • A Bhoomoka Yadav (OPC) is recognized as a private limited company, however certain provisions of private limited company do not apply to a One Person Company
  • For formation of an OPC only one member or individual is sufficient. One Person Company has the privilege to not hold Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • The information to be provided in the Directors’ Report is bare minimum as compared to a private limited company
  • In case of an OPC, the Annual report may be signed by either the Company Secretary or the director whereas Annual Returns of private or public limited companies are to be signed by both the Director and the Company Secretary and in case of no Company Secretary being hired, by a practicing company secretary.
  • If One Person Company has more than one director then at least one meeting of the Board of Directors is to be held in each half of calendar year and the gap between two meetings should not be less than ninety days.

  • We are required to apply online for Director’s Identification Number (DIN) and the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
  • Then we apply online for reservation of the name for the OPC. The Govt. fee for one name reservation is Rs. 1000.
  • We also prepare Memorandum of Association (MOA), Articles of Association (AOA) and other clauses such as name clause, liability clause and Capital clause.
  • Once the above stated documents are ready, we apply for registration of One Person Company.
  • After all the clarification from MCA, Certificate of Incorporation and Corporate Identity Number (CIN) is issued. 

1. ID proof of proposed member, nominee, and director:
        Aadhar card and PAN card
        Photograph of the proposed director
        Passport or Voter’s ID or Driving License
2. Address proof of proposed member, nominee, and director (any one of the following):
        Telephone bill/Mobile Bill/Bank Statement/Electricity Bill
3. Address proof for the Registered place of business of the proposed company (any one of the following)
        Telephone bill/electricity bill/gas bill/water bill
        Rent agreement with rent slip
        Property papers/Registry

Any natural individual who is a resident of India can become a director or member of a One Person Company.

The registration cost for One Person Company includes Govt. fee in the form of stamp duty and RUN platform for Name reservation, DSC and DIN fees, SPICE portal for Incorporation, besides the consulting fee of the vendor providing this service.  


To encourage unorganized proprietorship businesses to enter into organized corporate world, The Government came up with the concept of “One Person Company”.
As per sec 2 (62) of The Companies Act, 2013, ‘One Person Company’ company means a company where only one person is the member of company. It is a basically a private company with some unique features.

Logic and concept of One Person Company (OPC)

The Government of India constituted an expert committee on company law on 2nd December 2004 under the chairmanship of Dr. JJ Irani. The Committee submitted its report to the Government and gave its opinion on company law in respect of international market. The concept of One Person Company (OPC) is one of them. Committee observed increasing use of information technology & digital market and emergence of the service sector. The entrepreneurial skills also required an organic platform to participate in the formal economy. It is hard to believe entrepreneur who has brilliant idea come with association of person to participate in the market. The JJ Irani Committee recommended that the law should recognise the single person identity by way of formation of Single person entity as ‘One Person Company. 

Characteristics of One Person Company (OPC)

A One Person Company (OPC) is recognised as private company however certain provision of private company will not apply to an One Person Company (OPC), for instance only one member is sufficient to form a company.
One Person Company has privilege not to hold Annual General Meeting (AGM) 
Information to be provided in the Directors’ Report has been minimized as compared to private company
The Annual report is to be signed by either the company secretary or the director whereas Annual Return of private or public limited companies are to be signed by both the director and company secretary and in case of no company secretary is hired, then by a practising company secretary.
If One Person Company has more than one director then it is to hold at least one meeting of the Board of Directors in each half of calendar year and the gap between two meetings should notbe  less than ninety days.

Other Provisions

A natural person shall not be member of more than One Person Company (OPC) at any point of time and the said person shall not be a nominee of more than one (OPC) 
A minor is not eligible to become a member of One Person Company (OPC)
One Person Company (OPC) is not eligible to convert itself into company under sec 8 (Non-Profit Companies) of the Act
One Person Company (OPC) can’t perform as non-banking financial investment entity.
One Person Company (OPC) can’t invest in the securities of any body corporate.

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